Go Seafood offers both Wild and Farmed Empurau products. With over ten years of experience in Farming Empurau, our fish are reared with the utmost attention given for their health, quality and consistency. Wild Empurau is sourced from its natural habitat in the rivers of Sarawak when your order is placed. These rare fish are then conditioned until ready for delivery. Our group farming process enables the Royal Empurau signature taste to be delivered with every fish.


Empurau Belly Shabu-Shabu

The best part of the Royal Empurau is known to be its belly. What best way to savour it at its purest by Shabu-Shabu. Thinly sliced Royal Empurau belly quickly dipped in a nutritious pot of broth of choice to let the heat run through the slice, and the fat catching all the complimentary flavours of broth.

Steamed Empurau

The Royal Empurau comes in many forms such as whole fish, medallion cuts, and segmented fillet. The most traditional way to enjoy quality fish is to lightly steam. Then topped with scallions and pour over is a light soy sauce concoction.

Empurau Soup

In line with our CSR movement to fight against shark finning, Royal Empurau as the main ingredient for a luxurious and rich soup is the perfect substitute.

Every part of Royal Empurau can be used to create a rich and silky broth. Poured over thinly sliced empurau delicacies that the heat from the broth is enough to cook it. So the entire dish is Royal Empurau that will reach each and every taste buds of the palette.